Product Description

EnerXEL (3g per sachet)

Heavenly formulated plant stem cell


Argan Stem Cell, Apple Stem Cell, Grape Stem Cell, Amino Acid Peptide (Carrot Peptide), Glucose, Pomegranate Juice Powder, Fructo-Oligosaccharides.

Unique features

  • High quality and excellent ingredient
    Plant stem cells from very rare and resistant from Morocco Argan Tree
    Fruit stem cells from rare species of Swiss Apple
    Fruit stem cells from top grade French Grape
    Micro-Collagen from superb Amino Acid Peptide of special species Carrot

  • Fast absorption
    Powder formulation enables immediate absorption under tongue without having digestion process.

  • Delicious and easy
    The individual sachet is easy to carry for immediate consumption anytime and anywhere. Each sachet is packed for health and beauty.

  • Suitable for Vegan

Suggested intake

  • Recommended to take one daily before breakfast.
  • Adult: 1 ~ 2 sachets each time; Children: only ½ sachet each time.
  • Pour directly in the mouth, hold and swallow without water (or with water)

For more information, please contact MC-Ocean distributor.