Enertri (10g per sachet)

  • Produced from new variety of organic rice - Riceberry
  • Planted in a zero-pollutant environment, soil and water free from chemical fertilizers, growth hormones and pesticides.
  • Process through a mechanical-hydrolysis technique to form small molecule of "α-polysaccharide - peptide (α-PSP)"
  • Rich of active nutrient molecule α-PSP, antioxidants (Anthocyanin), and phytonutrients, include the amino acids, natural vitamins and minerals.
  • The active nutrient molecule finer than body cell that can be absorbed directly by cells.

  • Ingredient

    Natural organic riceberry

    Unique Feature
  • Provide essential wellness needs of modern people, contain health and beauty promoting properties.
  • Do not contain artificial colourings, no additives and no artificial preservatives.
  • Suitable for children, adult, senior citizen and vegan.

  • Preparation method and suggested daily intake
  • Pour 150ml of warm water in a Ener-Shaker, add one sachet of Enertri. Shake well until even and drink.
  • You may add Enertri to your coffee, tea or other beverages and food to suit your preference.
  • Recommendation for adult to take twice daily before breakfast and at night before bedtime (about 11pm), also recommended to take 3 times in a day before meal upon your needs. Each time 1 sachet.

  • For more information, please contact MC-Ocean distributor.