Main Ingredients

Provides 4 main ingredients

1) NIF (Noxious-ingredients Free) Technique - Preservatives free, not burdening your skin

New NIF technology - preservatives free, DEHP free, mineral oil free, and alcohol free; the most effective and superior skin care system for your skin protection.

2) Revitalize Your Skin - Deep Sea Water x Maifanite Stone Extracts

Extracts from Maifanite stone (commonly known as the healing stone), combined with deep sea water extracted from 600m below ocean level, restoring your skin to a vibrant and youthful look.

3) Resilience, Translucence and Evenly Whitening - Oryza Sativa (Rice) Extracts

Use 100% deep sea water to this marvelous Oryza Sativa extracts. It has the inhibitory effect on the activity of Tyrosine which causes the black pigmentation in the skin.

4) Moisturising, Softening and Firming Effect - Humulus Lupulus Extracts

This long known ancient herbal plant contains high natural preservative qualities and form major components in many plant essential oils. It inhibits pigmentation disorder, and promotes metabolism. It gives optimum moisturizing effect; balancing the moisture and sebum layer of the skin so as to give a translucent, radiant and supple skin.