Section 9 - Product Returned and Buy-Back Policy


Distributor who is self-terminating his membership in the Company may make a request in writing to the Company to Buy-Back his unsold products.


Unsold Products to be returned and purchased-back by the Company must fulfill the following terms & conditions; -

(a) Products must not be opened or used.

(b) Products must be in good and marketable condition.

(c) Date of Invoice for products purchased must be within 180 days.

[refer Direct Sales (Scheme and Conduct) Regulations 2001, section 6]


Refund on the Unsold Products purchased-back by the Company shall subject to the followings.

If the Unsold Products are returned and Purchased-back by the Company:- Any Administration Fee charged ?
(a) Within ten (10) working days from Date of Invoice No Admin Fee Will be charged
(b) Within 180 days from Date of Invoice 10% Admin Fee will be charged, [refer Direct Sales (Scheme and Conduct) Regulations 2001, section 6]


Once the sale of the unsold products is deemed as cancelled, any sales commission received or receivable by the terminating Distributor since the date of his/her recruitment by the Company, shall be deducted accordingly.


All related uplines to the terminating Distributor who have received sales bonus as a result of or in relation to the sale of the Unsold Products shall immediately be refunded to the terminating Distributor. It is the sole responsibility of ALL related uplines to immediately refund the sales bonus (if any) to the terminating Distributor. This is not the responsibility of the Company.


Net refund amount for the products purchased-back by the Company will be paid within 30 days from the date of products returned and received by the Company.