Section 8 - Suspension & Termination of Membership


Suspension and/or Termination of membership in the Company shall mean severance of all right, entitlement and privileges under the Company marketing plan, or specially conferred to a Distributor by the Company.


Distributor whose membership has been suspended or terminated shall lose all his right, entitlement, status, benefits and privileges under the marketing plan.


Termination can be broadly categorized under the followings: -

(a) Deem termination of membership

(b) Suspension and/or termination by the Company

(c) Self-Termination (voluntary termination) by Distributor


Deem Termination of Membership

Membership in the Company shall be deemed terminated if the following has been committed, whether within or without Malaysia:

(a) Distributor has committed a criminal act under any criminal laws.

(b) Distributor has been convicted in any court of laws.


Suspension and/or Termination by Company

(a) Company reserves the right and authority to suspend and/or terminate a Distributor, and to take whatever action deem fit and necessary against a Distributor at any time for any non-compliance, breach or violation of any laws under Direct Sales and Anti-Pyramid Scheme Act 1993, Member Policy & Procedures, laws and government regulations.

(b) Distributor whose membership has been suspended or terminated by the Company may appeal to the Company in writing within fourteen (14) days from the date of suspension or termination. Letter of appeal must reach the Company headquarters and officially stamped receipt by the Company authorized official within the stated 14 days.

(c) Company reserves the right and authority to the final decision of the appeal, whether to lift the suspension / termination, or uphold the suspension / termination, or any other decision so decided by the Company.


Self-Termination (Voluntary Termination) by Distributor

(a) If Distributor wishes to resign/self-terminate his membership in the Company, he/she may do so by submitting a written request to the Company.

(b) The effective date of resignation / termination is the day Company accepts and confirm the termination request.

(c) When making request for self-termination, following documents must be submitted: -

- Letter of Termination duly signed by the terminating Distributor

- All original copy of Invoices and Delivery Orders for the products purchased from the Company.

- For our reference and improvement of service, please state reasons for your termination.

(d) After accepting and confirming the termination request, Company shall arrange for an appropriate day for the terminating Distributor to return unsold products.

(e) The unsold products to be returned and purchased-back by the Company shall subject to Buy-Back Policy under section 9.


Once the Company accepts and confirm the termination request and receive the Unsold Products, then the original sales of such Unsold Products shall be considered as cancelled.


Since the sales are deemed as cancelled, whoever sponsor and uplines under the following situation shall be affected by the cancelled sales: -

(a) The ranking of sponsor and all uplines of the terminated Distributor that have been achieved vide the "cancelled sales PV shall be forfeited and/or reverted back to their original ranking.

(b) Once the sales of the unsold products is deemed as cancelled, any sales commission and bonus received or receivable by the terminating member since the date of his/her recruitment by the Company, shall be deducted accordingly; and ALL related uplines to the terminating member who have received sales bonus as a result of or in relation to the sale of the returned unsold products shall immediately be refunded to the terminating member. It is the sole responsibility of ALL related uplines to immediately refund the sales bonus to the terminating Distributor.

(c) The cancelled sales for the returned products shall be deducted from the sales BV of those qualified uplines who have previously received quarterly paid profit-sharing bonus. If after deducting the cancelled sales BV and resulting in the BV fall below the required amount for the profit sharing bonus, then those affected uplines shall be deemed disqualified to receive the profit sharing bonus. Therefore, the whole amount of profit sharing bonus received previously shall be paid-back to the Company.


The affected sponsor and all uplines shall upon demand by the Company, be liable to repay, return or compensate to the Company for any bonuses, prizes or any other incentives received from the Company derived from the cancelled sales of the returned unsold products.


Those affected Distributors under section 8.8 & 8.9 above shall be liable to pay-back to the Company within 3 months. Failing which, Company shall have the right and authority to suspend/terminate their membership under section 8.5


Distributor who has been suspended / terminated by the Company shall NOT be allowed to be present in Company premises, or engaged or participate in any activity organized or sanctioned by the Company.