Section 7 - Codes of Conduct


Subject to section 1, Distributor shall conduct the business in accordance to the laws, rules and regulations under the Direct Sales and Anti-Pyramid Scheme Act 1993.


Distributor can develop his/her business and establish his/her networks within the ambit of Member Policy & Procedures.


Distributor must NOT participate or involve in any unlawfully transaction prohibited by government laws, or involve in any money "Pyramid Scheme" or money "Laundering Scheme", or any interest scheme not approved or not licensed by the government authority.


Distributor shall, where applicable, register his/her business with the relevant authority and pay all required taxes to the Inland Revenue authority.


Distributor must through his words, action and conduct, reflect the good image and integrity of the Company.


Distributor must conduct the business in a just and fair manner, and with honesty, seriousness and responsibility, and with full commitment.


Distributor must: -

(a) Honestly and truthfully represent and explain the quality, value and performance of Company products.

(b) Honestly and truthfully explain and portray the earning potential of the Company marketing plan, and must not overemphasizing on disproportionately high sales bonus pay-out.


Line-switching or Line-pinching is unethical and is strictly prohibited.

(a) Distributor must not offer any free gifts, lucky draws, discounted prices, incentives or any other inducement to get a new prospect, or other Distributor to join his group of networks.

(b) Distributor must not use force, threaten or any other form of unethical means to persuade a new prospect, other Distributor to join his group of networks.


Distributor must not, whether directly or indirectly involve with any other Distributor or downlines, enter into, or involve, or indulge in any form of financial arrangement or dealings, apart from normal sale of products as permitted under the Company marketing plan.

(a) Must not involve in any financial borrowing or lending.

((b) Must not involve in any money-laundering activity.


Distributor must NOT engage or participate, whether directly or indirectly, to entice and / or to canvas and to solicit other Distributor to participate or join in the following activities.

(a) To join other network-marketing company or direct-selling company.

(b) To involve in any other trades or businesses.

(c) To buy and sell any other products detrimental to the Company business.

(d) To organize or involve in any other training seminar detrimental to the Company training and seminar.

(e) To involve in any business activities detrimental to the Company business.


Distributor must sell the products at the suggested retail price recommended by the Company.

(a) Selling the products at discounted prices is strictly prohibited.

(b) Using unfair trade practices that indirectly selling the products below the suggested retail price is strictly prohibited.


Distributor should NOT purchase large quantity of products or any large amount more than they could dispose of within a reasonable period of time.


Distributor must not use force, threats or unfair practices to induce any customer into buying the products.


Distributor shall not display or sell any Company's Products at any retail shops, outlets or counters, shopping complex or departmental stores without prior written consent from The Company


Any Distributor regardless of rank, who does NOT comply to or in violation of any above policies & procedures, once proven by the Company after due inquiry is done, shall have his membership suspended or terminated in accordance to section 8.