Section 6 - Responsibility of Sponsor


Sponsor is the one who has successfully referred a Person (who signs the Distributor Application Form under him) to the products and services under the Company Marketing Plan.


It is the responsibility of the Sponsor to provide training and support to that newly signed up Distributor (who is now his/her Downline), and to explain and ensure the new Distributor has read and understand the GPS, Member Policy & Procedures, and the Direct Sales & Anti-Pyramid Scheme Act 1993.


Sponsor must introduce the Company products and marketing plan to the new prospect and Distributor in accordance to the Company approved information and materials, and must not overemphasizing on disproportionately high sales bonus payout.


Sponsor must NOT use force, threats or unfair practices, and/or make any untrue representation, or use deceptive means and omission or mislead the new Distributor.


Sponsor must make clear to the new Distributor that sales commission or bonus is paid based on sales of products generated; and no fee will be paid for mere sponsoring of new Distributor.