Section 5 - Distributor Status


Covenant between the Distributor and the Company.


Distributor operates the business as an independent individual business entity, and there is no agency or direct employment relationship between the Distributor and the Company.


A Distributor is NOT an employee, agent or legal representative of the Company, and is NOT authorized to act and speak on behalf of or bind the Company or its affiliates, shareholders, directors, officers or employees.


Distributor shall not make any claims, representations or statements about the Company; and/or shall not claim to represent or have the authority to represent the Company in any matters or transactions whatsoever; and shall NOT claim to have special business relationship with the Company, or its affiliates, shareholders or officers. Distributor shall indemnify the Company against any legal liability arising out of unauthorised claims, representations or statements made by the Distributor.


Company shall not be held responsible and liable for any demand from Distributor or any third party, for any compensation, claim, loss, cost or fees incurred from any consequences of non-compliance with the Member Policy & Procedures, negligence or disputes created by the Distributor, or arising from disputes between Distributor and third party.


Distributor shall not defame, slander and/or libel against the Company and its officers, and other Distributors.


Distributor shall not, either act in single or jointly as a group, to interfere or influence the Company operations and administration that would affect just and fair business trading in the Company, and shall not deliberately with the intention to go against the Company.


Regardless of any rank, Distributor does NOT have, or shall NOT claim to have, any special or exclusive right or agency right to any particular business territory.


Distributor shall subject to the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) enforced by the Company. Any non-fulfilment of the KPI qualification shall render his/her membership been suspended or terminated.