Section 4 - Transfer of Membership


Membership in the Company cannot be transferred, sold or reassigned except on the occurrence of the followings:

(a) Death

(b) Old Age

(c) Incapacitated

(d) Medically certified to be unfit

(e) Special Approval by the Company


Transfer by Death (Inheritance)

(a) The membership in the Company is considered as an estate of the deceased.

(b) When a Distributor dies with a Will, the person named in the will shall inherit the membership in the Company.

(c) When a Distributor dies without a Will, the spouse shall inherit the membership, or whoever shall inherit the membership by operation of local distribution law.


Any request to transfer membership under section 4.1 above must be done officially by a written application with supporting documents.


Upon acceptance by the Company, the new Distributor shall execute a consent letter to assume full responsibility and liability under the existing member code, and shall assume full responsibility on the income / commissions earned under the said member code and submit to the relevant authority.


The title transferred under the aforesaid shall be restricted only to the entitlement to the sales commission/bonus under the Company compensation plan. It does not cover the status, ranking or privilege that the deceased or the assignor enjoyed before the transfer.


Special Approval by the Company

(a) Where there are unusual or special circumstances that warrant the Company to review application for transfer of membership under section 4.1(e), the Company shall at its absolute discretion to peruse each case on individual basis.

(b) Company shall have the right and authority whether to grant the above application without giving any reason. The decision shall be final.