Section 3 - Double Membership


Double membership with the same name in the Company is strictly prohibited.


Subject to section 2.4, if there are two applications with the same name, the first IN time shall prevail.


Without prejudice to section 3.2 above, the second application may override the first application if after due inquiry is done and found that the first application has been forged, or submitted without the knowledge and consent of the applicant, whether express or implicit.


Company reserves the right and authority whether to approve the second application.


Dual Identity or Operating under Proxy

(a) Distributor shall NOT use dual identity or proxy to operate two lines of network under two different sponsors.

(b) Operating the networks under dual identity or proxy shall be construed as Line-Switching (or Line-pinching), and shall be dealt with as violation of codes of conduct under section 7.


Husband and Wife Membership

(a) Husband and wife are allowed to sponsor each other and hold separate membership in the Company, but must be under the same line of sponsorship.

(b) If the two Distributors have been holding the membership in the Company prior to their marriage, two options are available to them:

(i) Terminate either one of the two membership; or

(ii) Notify the Company of their marriage immediately, and continue holding these two memberships.

(c) In the case of divorce, the existing membership code and name shall continue to apply, unless otherwise notified in writing by the Distributor concerned to the Company.

(d) When submitting application for a change of Distributor name under the affected member code of the divorced party, legal documents pertaining to the divorce must be furnished to indicate who should take over the existing membership code in the Company.