Section 2 - Application of Membership


Membership is open to "Individual" or "Corporation" by submitting a signed Distributor Application Form (DAF) to the Company. Once accepted and confirmed by the Company, this DAF shall constitute membership contract with the Company.


The application must be sponsored by an active Distributor of the Company.


The Company reserves the right and authority to reject any application without giving any reason whatsoever.


A Distributor is only allowed to hold one (1) membership under the same name. If a Distributor is found to have more than one membership under the same name, Company shall terminate one of them, whichever deemed fit and necessary.


If error or discrepancy occur or found in a line of networks, Company reserves the right to make amend, adjustment, restoration and/or any rectification deem fit and necessary.


Once the DAF is accepted by the Company, a payment of RM137.80 (inclusive GST) is payable to the Company. This payment shall include the membership fee, sales kit and member card.


Application by an Individual.

(a) Must be of age 18 years and above, and is not an un-discharged bankrupt.

(b) Application by a Malaysian must be accompanied by a copy of I/C, i.e. MYKAD, and bank passbook or statement for direct-crediting of sales commission.

(c) Application by a non-citizen must be accompanied by a copy of passport, valid working permit and a Malaysia bank account statement or passbook. Due to Malaysian Income Tax law requirement, Company shall deduct whatever applicable withholding tax from the income of the non-resident before paying the commission to the Distributor.


Application by Corporation.

(a) For Sole Proprietor or Partnership Applicant - the following supporting documents must be furnished when submitting the DAF to the Company:

  • Certificate of Business Registration (Borang D) and the List of Owners' Details ( Borang A ) from SSM
  • Copy of bank statement
  • (b) For Corporate Sdn Bhd Applicant - the following supporting documents must be furnished when submitting the DAF to the Company:

  • Certificate of Incorporation (Borang 9, and Borang 13, if applicable)
  • Form 49
  • Copy of bank statement
  • (c) Only one representative from the corporate applicant is recognized by the Company. Thus, the person managing the network of the corporate applicant must be indicated on the Distributor Application Form.

    (d) However, any sales commission/bonus shall be paid to the corporation, and NOT to the representative.


    Any non-compliance of the above application requirement shall be rejected by the Company.


    Application containing fraudulent or forged information shall be considered as null and void.


    Renewal of Membership

    (a) Membership in the Company shall subject to renewal every 2 (two) year.

    (b) Renewal fee is RM80.00 .

    (c) Distributor is responsible for his own Membership Renewal in the Company 1 (one) month before the membership expires.

    (d) Renewal of Membership is NOT automatic, and Company reserves the absolute right to reject any application for renewal if it deem fit and necessary to do so without assigning any reason whatsoever.

    (e) In the event of any failure, neglect or refusal to renew his membership after the expiry as aforesaid, the membership shall be effectively expired.

    (f) Distributor whose membership has expired shall lose all his right, entitlement, status, benefits and privileges under the Company marketing plan.


    Reapplication of Membership in the Company

    (a) Distributor who has self-terminated or has his old membership expired for more than 6 (six) months may re-apply to be a new Distributor in the Company again.

    (b) Company reserves the right whether to accept or reject the re-application of membership without assigning any reasons whatsoever.

    (c) The New Distributor shall start afresh under the Company marketing plan regardless of whatever rank he has achieved before the self-termination or expiry of old membership.

    (d) The New Distributor may elect a new sponsor differ from the old sponsor before his self-termination or expiry of the old membership.

    (e) The downline groups of the New Distributor under the old membership before self-termination or expiry are NOT allowed to move over to be placed under the New Distributor.


    Alteration of Membership name to a Company Name

    (a) For business needs, Distributor under individual name can submit application to change his individual name name to that of a company name.

    (b) Application must be supported by all documents needed for a corporate membership under section 2.8

    (c) The original Distributor must be the owner of the new company membership.

    (d) Any attempt to transfer membership under this section shall be subjected to section 4 policy. (Transfer of Membership)