Section 11 - Company Intellectual Property


No Company name, logo or trademark may be displayed or used on any residential house or apartment, or any commercial shop, office or storefront where it can be viewed or seen by passing-by persons.


Distributor is prohibited from using any form of media, or multimedia to advertise or promote Company business and products, or engaged in any interviews with the media, articles in media publications, news reports, or any other public information releases.


Distributor shall not use the Company's logo, trade name, trademark, product names, service names, or any other Company intangible intellectual property, registered or otherwise, in any form of advertising or promotion WITHOUT specifically obtaining a written approval letter from the Company.


Distributor shall NOT use business cards or other personalized sale aids containing the Company logo, name or trademark without obtaining prior written approval from the Company.


Subject to section 11.3 & 11.4: -

(a) The word Independent Distributor must be indicated on the business card and other personalized sales aids approved by the Company.

(b) Use of Company business designation or business address is strictly prohibited.

(c) The business cards and personalized sales aids may be distributed vide personal contacts only, and shall not be posted in public places or internet website.


Any violation under this section 11 shall render the Company entitle to injunctive relief and damages under all applicable laws.


Company reserves the right to prohibit any violative advertisements or promotions and to pursue all appropriate damages and remedies under all applicable laws.