Section 10 - Sales and Purchase of Products


Distributor may purchase products from the Company at wholesale price (Distributor price).


Payment for purchase of products must be in cash terms, or any other legal tender or payment instrument enforced by the Company.


Monthly Closing of Sales

(a) The monthly closing date for purchase of products is the Last Business Day of the month.

(b) Distributors must ensure their monthly maintenance sales are done before the closing business hours of Last Business Day of the month.

(c) Company shall NOT be held liable or responsible for any loss of sales commission/bonuses due to purchase orders been submitted after the business hours of Last Business Day of the month.


Payment of Monthly Sales Bonus / Commission

(a) Distributor is required to maintain a valid bank account for direct-crediting of monthly sales commission/bonus, if he qualifies to receive.

(b) Sales Commission/bonus are paid direct to the registered Distributor name only. Any request to pay commission/bonus to any payee name other than the registered Distributor name will NOT be accepted.

(c) Monthly sales commission of a sales bonus month shall be calculated to those qualified Distributors in accordance to the approved marketing plan; and shall be paid on or before 20th of the following calendar month, subject to Saturday, Sunday, public holiday or non-business working days observed by the banking institutions. Due to IBG transfer time requirement, actual date of crediting may differ for different banks used by Distributor.

(d) If no bank account is given, sales bonus will be paid by cheque. In this situation, the Company shall not be held responsible for any delay of payment by cheque.