Section 1 - Company and Distributor


MC-Ocean Holding Sdn Bhd (hereafter referred to as the Company) is a network-marketing company. The Company encourages and supports its Distributors to engage in selling our products, by ways of retailing and building network of members.


The Company sells its products vide a unique marketing plan to all Distributors who ultimately sell them to customers. All Distributors are to make retail sales monthly and keep such sales records for reporting of income to the relevant authority.


A Distributor is one who has signed a Distributor Application Form (DAF), and officially been accepted and confirmed by the Company as a Distributor.


Once the DAF has been accepted and officially registered:

(a) Distributor MUST understand and conduct the sales business in accordance to the laws and government regulations as contained in the Direct Sales and Anti-Pyramid Scheme Act 1993.

(b) Distributor shall abide and comply with the Member Policy & Procedures content herein.

(c) Any non-compliance and/or breach of the Member Policy & Procedures shall render the membership in the Company been suspended and/or terminated.


All Distributors shall be deemed to know, understand and accept the Member Policy & Procedures enforced by the Company. It is the duty and responsibility of all Distributors to check and keep abreast with the latest edition of the said policy and procedures. Pleading ignorance of the Member Policy & Procedures shall not be accepted.