Mcocean blood donation Southgate 25 March 2017

Charity Drive for Blood Donation and pledging of Organ Donors - Light up a life!

As the Chinese saying goes- to save one person's life is better than building a seven-story pagoda. With great honour, Mc Ocean together with the National Blood Center (Pusat Darah Negara) and Ministry of Health (Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia) have come together to organize a blood and organ donation charity in SouthGate Commercial Centre. The support garnered through this event was spectacular with various attendees volunteering to participate in this charity drive! Everyone from different background came together with the intention to light up a life of someone in need thus playing a vital role in taking care of the community and society in today's world. Many donated and many more registered to donate their organs for a better cause! As such, Mc Ocean extend our deepest gratitude to the volunteers and have prepared a token of appreciation for those who came and supported this charity drive.

In addition, an exhibition for the distribution of health information in regards to blood and organ donations have been kindly provided by Mc Ocean in Mc Ocean International Show Room in Southgate Commercial Centre for individuals who are interested to find out more.